UCL course – 2016

Together with Joseph Modayil, this year I am teaching the part on reinforcement learning of the Advanced Topics in Machine Learning course at UCL.


Note that there will be two lectures about AlphaGo on March 24.  We will talk about AlphaGo in the context of the whole course at the normal place and time (9:15am in Roberts 412), and in addition David Silver will give a seminar that afternoon.  Neither of these will be required for the exam.

  1. Introduction to reinforcement learning updated January 14 (Lecture: January 14)
  2. Exploration and Exploitation updated January 21 (Lecture: January 21)
  3. Markov decision processes updated January 27 (Lecture: January 28)
  4. Dynamic programming updated February 3 (Lecture: February 4)
  5. Learning to predict updated February 10 (Lecture: February 11)
  6. Learning to control updated March 16 (Lecture: February 25)
  7. Value function approximation updated March 2 (Lecture: March 3)
  8. Policy-gradient algorithms updated March 9 (Lecture: March 10)
  9. Integrating learning and planning updated March 17 (Lecture: March 17)
  10. AlphaGo (Lecture: March 24)
  11. SPECIAL GUEST LECTURE: David Silver will talk about AlphaGo, details here (Lecture: March 24, 1:00pm in Cruciform B304 – LT1)


This year’s assignment is here: Easy21 Assignment. The deadline is April 6, 2016.

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